Bridal Garter Traditions and Wedding superstitions

A blue bridal garter is traditional for a wedding, although the whole garter does not have to be blue. We have a lovely selection of bridal garters in pure white silk right through to Goth black, you can choose your own ribbon colours and include a fine blue ribbon if you wish.
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Something Blue We have all heard the rhyme

‘Something Old, Something New Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Silver Sixpence for Her Shoe.’ blue of the rhyme signifies constancy ‘Those dressed in blue have lovers true’

Blue ‘silk daisy’ wedding garter with a handmade silk flower and diamante crystal centre. An elegant garter for the modern bride, in keeping with the ‘something blue’ tradition!

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Something Old

The Wedding veil was traditionally handed down through generations of the family’s brides.

Deep Cream Cotton Lace Garter with Vintage Gold Gorgeous, cream and old gold wedding garter….cotton lace, made the traditional way on 100 year old looms! Vintage designed lace is available in black, cream, ivory and white, all in various widths…see the range design your garter and we will make it for you.

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Something New

The bride traditionally wore new unlaundered underwear, this was to emphasize their acceptance of a new life. NOTE: This is one tradition we recommend you don’t follow if you are wearing a basque, corset or control garment on your wedding day. Wear it beforehand and make sure you are comfortable, you don’t want to ruin your big day with uncomfortable underwear! [clear ]

Something Borrowed

One item is usually worn belonging to a happy bride, bringing the happiness of their marriage to yours! [clear ]


A dowry was given to the bride and the ‘silver sixpence in her shoe’ secures future wealth.

A Custom Made Bridal Garter with a sixpence in a tiny bag. You can can have a little bag containing a sixpence added to any of our bridal garters. The garter shown was a custom made personalized garter. The sixpence bag is to the right of the embroidery…

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Yellow Garters superstition

Yellow garters were thought to attract lovers, remember ‘Twelfth Night’? In the 19c an obliging bride would wear a yellow garter placed there by a hopeful girl-friend, to ensure marriage for the friend within the year. One Boston bride went to the alter wearing 7 yellow garters from hopeful friends!

Dainty creamy yellow, wedding garter with a single blue ribbon…

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Throwing the bouquet / wedding garter

Flinging the stocking was a favorite wedding chamber sport: Men seized the bride’s stockings and girls the groom’s, each group took it in turns to sit at the bottom of the bed and in turn to toss the stockings over their heads to fall, for an early marriage, on the bridegroom if thrown by a girl, on the bride if thrown by a man.

Then all the younger folks in, With ceremony throw the stocking Backward, o’er head, in turn they toss’d it; Till in sack-posset they had lost it. Th’intent of flinging thus hose Is to hit him or her on the nose, Who hits the mark o’er the left shoulder Must be married be ere twelve monthes older. (Progress of Matrimony, 1733)

Throwing the garter and bouquet are believed to be direct descendants of ‘flinging the stocking’

It was customary for the bride to toss her garter to the male guest who had won the ‘race for the garter’ (from the church to the bride house). In 1820 Lady…. on stepping from her bridal coach, enquired who had won the race. She called to the lad, ‘come Tom and claim your prize. For I intend to be properly married, and to have the luck I am entitled to.’ Smiling she added ‘Take it off, Tom, and give it to your sweetheart, and may it bring luck to both of you.’

But frequently the men got too drunk, and would become impatient and try to remove the garter ahead of time. In the interests of decorum the custom changed to tossing the bridal bouquet. Recently the toss of the garter has been revived in America, where two garters will be bought one to toss and one to keep.

ref: Blakeborough, Richard, Wit,Character, Folklore and Customs of the North Riding of Yorkshire(1898), 100-1

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And a matching garter to toss 🙂 You can now order a garter to toss, to match any of our wedding garters!


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Valentines Day

In 19th Century London postmen claimed a special meal allowance to sustain them during the Valentines postal rush!

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A Dozen Red Roses

More red roses are bought at Valentines Day than at any other time of year. A custom said to have begun in France when Louis XV1 gave his Queen, Marie Antoinette red roses on 14th February.

Although we have a lovely selection of bridal garters ,we have sexy garters too……great for your Honeymoon!

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Leap Year

In a leap year women can traditionally propose to men. If rejected the girl can claim a compensatory silk gown!( I don’t know if the men have heard the last bit!)

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Choosing 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts – Getting it Right

The first year of marriage is often described as the hardest and so it is vitally important to celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary in style, just so that your partner knows how much you love and appreciate them. Unfortunately, you may be too busy to think about finding the perfect anniversary gift and so a few favorites are listed below to give you inspiration. Most include some kind of paper product as this is traditionally considered to be the symbolic material for the 1st wedding anniversary.

For Him

You could name a star after him so that he has a lifelong certificate to remember the day by or alternatively you can order a commemorative newspaper from either the date of your wedding or the date of your 1st anniversary. If he is a family man then you may want to consider buying a special gift set that highlights the history of his family name, all on a framed certificate complete with his own coat of arms. Another idea, but this time for the more adventurous man, is to send him on a day out to a rally driving school or white water rafting for example. You can buy gift packs with a paper voucher that entitles him to a great day out doing something he wouldn’t generally do in day-to-day life.

For Her

It is no secret that women are generally more romantic than men and so a gift such as a personalised poem complete with your favorite wedding photos in a silver frame can be a great idea. Alternatively you might want to put your own photo album together for her that contains all of the photos that mean the most to you. This continues with the paper theme but is something that she can keep as a memento forever. Another idea is to buy her a piece of jewellery or something similar that comes with a certificate of authentication. If you are feeling really enthusiastic then you can arrange a treasure hunt day which has you both visiting the places that bring back special memories. The paper clues can either lead to the most special place where you can leave a bottle of personalised champagne or to a surprise party with all your friends and relatives.


With a little bit of thought you can easily find the perfect

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Wedding Anniversaries

“text-decoration: underline”>Wedding Anniversaries

Traditional Modern
  • 1st…..Paper
  • 2nd…..Cotton
  • 3rd….Leather
  • 4th….Silk
  • 5th…..Wood
  • 6th….Iron
  • 7th ….Copper
  • 8th….Bronze
  • 9th….Pottery
  • 10th…..Tin
  • 11th …Steel
  • 12th Linen
  • 13th   Lace
  • 14th   Ivory
  • 15th     Crystal
Glass /Watches
  • 20th…China
  • 25th…..Silver
  • 30th…..Pearl/Ivory
  • 35th…..Coral
  • 40th……Ruby
  • 45th…..Sapphire
  • 50th……Gold
  • 55th…..Emerald
  • 60th…..Diamond
  • 75th…..Diamond

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How about causing a giggle at an anniversary party with a custom made garter with their names/ initials and their wedding date or wedding anniversary! Oh…. Fun & Games…
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The earrings you wear for your wedding day, will bring you happiness and good luck in the future
It’s lucky to have your birthstone in your engagement ring
Pay the person who takes the wedding ceremony, an odd sum of money for luck!
Marry in September’s shine, Your living will be rich and fine
Suspend for one day your cares and your labours, And come to this wedding, kind friends and good neighbours!
It’s good luck to have doves at your wedding, ensuring a happy home
Wednesday is the luckiest day of all to be married
It’s good luck for the groom to drink a champagne toast from the brides shoe at the reception
The groom should wear new odd socks, for the wedding for luck!
Marry in April when you can, joy for Maiden and for Man
Up until a few years ago you also received extra tax relief!
In Japan, the grooms family give the bride her wedding kimono, embroidered with her husbands crest
Until the 17c the bride would brew a strong ‘bride-ale’ for sale to friends and neighbours. Although the ‘ale’ was old English for festivities!
Marry when the year is new, Always loving, always true
Marry on Tuesday for health
It’s lucky to get wedding gifts wrapped in red and white
A rainbow is good luck on your wedding day
Those dressed in blue have lovers true
It’s lucky to have your birthstone in your engagement ring
Marry in white, everything right
It’s lucky if the sun shines on your wedding day
You’ll always be lucky, if you accidently break a glass on your wedding day
Tossing rice on the newly married couple, symbolises fertility
As the groom puts the ring on the brides finger, he should make a wish
It’s good luck for the bride to wear her Grandmothers pearls on her wedding day
A diamond engagement ring symbolizes eternal love
Married in pearl, you will live in a whirl!
Catch the bouquet from the bride and you will marry next
Shower ribbons…use them to stuff a pillow to bring the bride good luck
Marry in tan, he’ll be a good man
Marry in October for love
Marry in November for a joyous life
Marry when the year is new,
Always loving, always true
When February birds do mate,
You wed nor dread your fate!
A dressmaker will sew a hair into the brides wedding dress for good luck
An even number of wedding guests, brings good luck
In old China, red is chosen for wedding happiness
When December’s showers fall fast,
Marry and true love will last!
The full moon was considered lucky for weddings in ancient Greece
You should make a wish, while the happy couple cut the cake!
Write the names of unmarried friends in the sole of your shoe, the first to rub off, will be the next to marry