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“That is my wedding garter brand!”


My sister is an artist specialising in glass and was exhibiting with the local ‘Artist Network’ group, I’d gone along and was amazed by the diversity of the work on display (but that’s for another blog post 🙂

I turned a corner and in front of me was a photograph of a swan, from www.winterrosephotography.com… The sky a watercolour blend of gorgeous soft nude pinks…

An elegant swan on the still waters, it’s reflection a delicate pool of lavender ink and Lidlington lake a soft blend of sheer silver and mirrored blush…

Swan on Lidlington lake WinterrosephotogtaphyThis is how I see ‘Silk Garters’… Soft, delicate, luxurious, elegant and feminine, with a touch of something blue.

And the now I just have to make the magic happen!

Silk Garters Evolving…

Silk Garters in 2006

silk garters logo9

I didn’t even remember this! ‘Silk Garters’ went live in 2006, previously the wedding garters had all all been sold through the ‘Sweet Nothings’ website… The internet wasn’t sophisticated in 2006 and very few businesses actually had websites then…




2007 This was a cheeky little drawing I’d done, inspired by an image I’d found online …Looking at it now it’s a mixture of a victorian hat and Art Deco text. I think it was actually drawn on to a white background and the lighting turned the photo pink.


silk garters logo new

This cherry blossom was from ‘Templates by Lynne’ in 2008…

Cherry blossom has traditionally been a flower for weddings, coming in spring and symbolising new beginnings.



The magnolia colour background made my images (with white) look too busy I soon moved onto blue butterflies by ‘Terry Jungle Monkey’.



The butterflies were dainty and delicate and went with the ‘something blue’ bridal garters on the website.

I had a matching flamboyant text made, this lettering looks quite fierce now and it didn’t stay for long!


The butterflies were replaced by this scrolls tile…

If you can imagine these scrolls tiled, all around the perimeter of the webpage, with lots of white space and fine blue lines, it was quite pretty…


Then the amazing Justin of ‘House of Creation’ designed my legs logo 🙂 It’s an unusual 50’s style font and he’s made the ‘S’ look like her torso and shapely bottom, showing her wedding garter on elegant legs…A very creative artist!


I’ve only realised now that the black text I’d chosen underneath is too harsh 🙂

But for a long time, (two years) I’ve been without the focus of a proper brand palette… I’d removed the ‘fuss’ from the website, but that left me with no direction, although it was clean and simple, the blue was formal and too masculine and I’ve been toying with different colours and stationary.

Collecting huge amounts of images on pinterest and purchasing endless clip art and papers on etsy, trying to find the elusive ‘thing’ that for me summed up Silk Garters…

Then I found it when I wasn’t looking 🙂 isn’t that always the way!

So now I have this mood board…


I can’t wait to see my stationary 😉